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Murder? Not as likely as these other walking hazards

There’s murder on the trail in my upcoming Walk Through England mysteries, but most of us are much likelier to encounter other dangers while out walking. Here are the Top Five hazards to watch out for:

Dehydration. Always carry plenty of water while walking. Dehydration (or fatigue) can sneak up and suddenly immobilize you. A brief rest and a swallow of water will get you on your way.

Getting Lost. Make sure you know where you’re going, carry a detailed map, and a charged cell phone. Better still, join a group with an experienced guide.

Toxic Plants. Some plants, such as poison oak or poison ivy, can cause severe irritation if it comes in contact with your skin. And as tempting as some berries and mushrooms may look, never eat them without washing them and ensuring they’re edible.

Hypothermia (Or heatstroke). Dress appropriately for the weather. If rain is in the forecast, wear water-resistant clothes—or better still, stay home!

Slips and falls. Watch where you step, and take special care on hills and inclines. Use a walking stick or walking poles for extra support.


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