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An Exciting Year Ahead

Updated: Jan 3

Starting a new year is like embarking on a walk along an unexplored trail. You have some idea of what lies ahead, but there are always surprises. Not all are good, of course, but the good surprises usually outweigh the bad. That unexpected dazzling sunset! That glimpse of a tawny-coated deer! That refreshing whoosh of a pine-scented breeze across your face!

Coming up for me is the publication of my first mystery, "A Deadly Walk in Devon," in April. Advanced reader copies have already gone out to reviewers, so (gulp) soon I'll start hearing what they think. Even though it's difficult to be objective about your own work, I'm pretty confident it will be well-received. I worked hard on it, and know it's an entertaining story with a few surprises of its own.

I'll be getting out to other parts of the country to promote the book, which I'm really looking forward to. I know I'll meet a lot of great people, and have great experiences I can't yet imagine. It's always good to start a new adventure!


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